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We have a close collaboration with Rampf; the inventor and the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of Polyurethane and Epoxy block materials. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services. We are also flexible and can offer tailor-made solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

RAMPF Advanced Polymers – develops and produces board and liquid materials for cutting-edge modeling and mold engineering. Their comprehensive product portfolio includes pastes, large-volume and full-size castings for Close Contour models, and prototyping systems. They invented the Polyurethane board materials which is known as the RAKU ® TOOL brand that offer several advantages such as an extremely high abrasion resistance with far more than 100,000 moldings for maximum service life of patterns, above-average dimensional stability for reliable production processes, very good chemical resistance to release agents and core sand binders (no swelling), minimal sand adhesion, simple processing, unbeatable cost-efficiency: fast milling times, simple and quick modifications, significantly cheaper and lighter than metal tools. The majority of the boards contains between 10 and 30 percent recycled polyol. The recycling polyol is obtained from the chemical recycling of polyurethane and PET residues as well as in-house RAKU ® TOOL production waste. 

RAMPF Tooling Solutions offers a wide range of solutions for various core box production methods, including different production methods that ensure consistent high quality. Their core box solutions include services and products such as pastes, large-volume and full-size castings for Close Contour models, and prototyping systems. They also offer block materials for modern model and mold making.

Delignit is a leading manufacturer of ecological materials and system solutions from renewable natural resources. They are an established development, project, and series production partner of leading automotive groups, supplying cargo space protection and safety systems for light commercial vehicles. Delignit solutions are known for their outstanding technical properties and are the preferred products for car boot floors, special floors in production and logistics facilities, and flooring systems to improve the safety standards of buildings.

Most Delignit materials are produced from European hardwood, making them carbon-neutral and much more sustainable than materials from non-renewable sources. By opting for Delignit materials, manufacturers can minimize the carbon footprint of their products, ensuring that they meet the most stringent ecological standards. Delignit controls and monitors the entire manufacturing chain from the beech trunk to the finished Delignit® materials. They always find the best possible material specification in collaboration with their customers.

Euro-Composites is a company that manufactures honeycomb core materials for a variety of applications and markets. They offer honeycomb core materials made from a great variety of raw materials and in a large program of cell sizes and densities. The use of honeycomb materials in the automotive industry is gaining popularity due to its high strength-to-weight ratio. Honeycomb structures are used within a variety of automotive components, such as trunk load floors, hatchbacks, sun shades, and roofs . Honeycomb design is especially popular as it allows automakers to easily reduce weight within critical applications as opposed to the vehicle’s chassis applications.

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