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Styling, Modeling and Working Boards

RAKU® TOOL styling boards combine the ultimate in quality with outstanding mechanical properties. The semi-finished products – prefabricated, rectangular boards – made of polyurethane can be bonded in various shapes and sizes.

When you choose RAKU® TOOL styling boards, you are choosing exceptional surface finishes with optimum dimensional stability.

Applications include negative molds for casting, supporting structures for pastes, NC program testing, design and form studies as well as styling, master, and data control models. Read more

Repair Pastes and Adhesives

RAKU® TOOL adhesives matched to the hardness and color of the boards are available for bonding. The styling and design range includes board materials with densities of up to approx. 0.5 g/cm3. Materials in this density range are suitable for both CNC machining and manual processing.

The styling and design portfolio also features apricot-colored materials – a firm favorite on the market. Read more

Close Contour Pastes

RAKU® TOOL Close Contour Pastes are two-component epoxy systems that are processed and applied using a mixing and dispensing machine.

They are applied to a close contour substructure by hand or using a CNC machine. Almost any kind of supporting structure can be used, including EPS, and cast aluminum.

The thixotropic systems enable quick and easy processing, with no slump on vertical surfaces. Milling based on CAD data takes place after a brief curing process at room temperature.

Close contour application significantly reduces the amount of material, milling, and finishing required and also the quantity of production waste generated. Read more

Volvo P1800 made out of Modeling Board