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About us

We specialize in offering high-performance tooling materials for various industries and applications. Block materials, liquid systems, Pastes, Honeycomb panels, Stylingclay, Sealers, Release Agents and Adhesives that are used to create Models, Molds, Fixtures, Jigs, Plugs and Cores. We are dedicated to delivering products that are precise, reliable, and efficient and committed to working towards sustainable, environmentally friendly and recyclable materials together with our Suppliers and Partners.

The process

We collaborate with several designstudios and modelmaking industries. Our partner team of experts can help our clients bring their ideas to life by providing them with high-quality materials and services. We are dedicated to delivering products that are precise, reliable, and efficient.

1. Conceptualization

This is the first step in the process, where the idea is conceptualized and visualized. This step involves brainstorming and sketching out the idea on paper or using computer-aided design (CAD) software.

2. Design

Once the idea is conceptualized, the next step is to design the model. This step involves creating a detailed design of the model using CAD software.

3. Prototyping

After the design is complete, a prototype of the model is created. This step involves using CNC machining or other rapid prototyping techniques to create a physical model of the design.

4. Testing and refinement

Once the prototype is created, it is tested to ensure that it meets the desired specifications. If any issues are found, the design is refined and another prototype is created.

5. Production

Once the final prototype is approved, production of the model can begin.

Per starts working at Rima and brings OBO Festholtz to the Swedish Market.
Impel AB is founded by Per
OBO Sverige AB is founded with focus on bringing Blockmaterial to the Swedish market
OBO Sverige AB changes names to MODELCO, expands their product portfolio with Delignit, Plywood and Honeycomb
MODELCO and Rampf Group enters a distribution partnership making MODELCO the premium choice for its customers.

About us

We are a family-owned business that has been a trusted supplier to the model-making industry since 1970´s. We are located in Stockholm and have our warehouse in Gothenburg. We supply in various industries, such as the Automotive, maritime, Foundry and Manufacturing Industry to name a few with high-quality modeling materials. 

We offer a wide range of products such as styling boards, modeling boards, working boards, adhesives, repair pastes, close contour pastes, and core materials. High stability, precision, durability, and machinable materials. We maintain the highest quality in our products and customer relationships and deliveries. We have a proven track record of working with companies in the automotive industry, where we often have the important of supporting the model making industry Verify and validate to ensure that the products meet the required specifications and standards. 

high-quality products

We are also collaborating with a number of product design and manufacturing companies that specializes in bringing product ideas to life. Skilled professionals who can create innovative products utilizes advanced machinery and our materials to create high-quality products with precision. 

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